Saturday, February 20, 2016

Why White Hat Technique For Ranking Higher In Search Engines?

Happy to meet you all in my blog with a great concept today. We are all into the Digital Marketing field and Effective SEO here has a cent percent role in our business. Without SEO we would not be able to rank our keywords in search engines. Coming to SEO, we have  two techniques namely Black Hat and White Hat Techniques .

More people go with Black Hat techniques to rank faster their keywords, but we all knows this is not gonna save us for a long term, anything which violate the Google guidelines would go dead soon. Knowingly we all does this. What happens if Google changed the algorithm in the way like ranked keywords using Black Hat Techniques will disappear in search engines? This is the time to think! 

Over coming so many updates like Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, Pigeon etc soon google may bring an change likewise, we cant assure what will happen with Google every seconds. So lets plan to do anything wisely that wont violate the Google's guidelines and rank higher in Search Engines. So White Hat Technique would be the right choice.. Am i right?? Lets see today how to deal with White Hat..

I would say doing White Hat Technique is not going to be that much hard, once you decide to start with White hat then do remember the steps.

1. Keyword Research which would produce ROI
2. Creating a Valuable Content
3. Marketing Your Content
4. Building Relationship 
5. Selling it

When you take keyword research you can use the Google Keyword Planner tool to identify and select the right keyword for which you are gonna rank in search engine. Next comes the content, a good quality , interesting attractive content will always win! Now when your content is ready, make sure to market your content, there are many social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn,Twitter etc to market your article, don't just stop doing only in these sites, make sure to post it into sites like social bookmarking, blogs, forums,guest posting sites etc. By doing this you can build relationship with many users, active participation in forums, blogs can also help you in many ways. so you reach people then users start buying your product or anything that you deal with..

So now lets know some White Hat Techniques to do it effectively..

1. Guest Posting :

Posting your article which has a quality and attractive content into others blog or website  is Guest Posting. By doing this you would let your site popular and you can build relationship with the bloggers. If your content is good, users stay and read your full article which would have your links, this would help in people coming to your website which is treated as direct visitors for your site. Also you could post your website links in authors bio.I think this is one of the important and effective link building technique in the coming years.

2. Blogs And Forum Posting :

Now a days you can find many bloggers, choose the right blog which would be suitable for you to relate to your website and participate in the comment postings, You can read the article completely and start commenting in a way that pleases the blogger and also relate your website, just commenting Hey yaar nice article , great post , thanks for sharing might not help you! Think unique and wiser and make it in a engaging way, your comment should make other users to reply you so that you can actively go on with and relate your any blog which has your links. It should really be informative and helpful to the users. 

Participating in Forum is also a great way to build relationship and you can get niche related backlinks, Please do not spam it, if you does then it wont help you anymore. Search for the right forums and quality ones and sign up, You can start new topics too so that users answer your post and you can engage in right way. Also you can find the related forum topics and give right suggestions and solving their queries, this would really increasing the engagement with the users. Do not worry about the backlinks you get, whether it may be "do follow" or "no follow".

3. Infographics & Whitepapers :

As the technology is getting developed people are becoming more lazy, they find it something ruling over , instead of reading a full article they prefer to go with images or videos. So make sure you create whitepaper , infographics. Also this infographic would let the people understand in a easy manner. So many has started with infographics, if you haven't started, just don't think of it, start creating a infographics now! By this you can get stronger influence due to high engaging users.

4. Social Media Sites :

Social Media optimization is like to be a part of SEO now, using these social media sites you really promote your website.Sharing your content on social media will result in many backlinks to your site. Facebook sharing, Twitter tweeting, Blog likes, Google Plus ones, and many are there which will help you in geting engaged , as i said in above paragraphs do remember to share your content on social bookmarking site and many social sites. Through social media you cant get backlinks but these engage people to your site. You all know what engaging users to site leads  ??? Yeah Backlinks!

Doing this White Hat Techniques will sure bring you success and the main fact is doing it will be there for long term. Your results are gonna explode.. Lets discuss in the comments section below for the further discussions.. 

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