Monday, April 9, 2018

Do you still believe that your website speed affects rankings?

No wonder, anyone who wants to keep their website in the first page of the top search engines would find all the possible ways to obtain it. Expertise digital marketers do this often and they consistently follow instructions and regular algorithm updates.

Google algorithm always modifies on the basis of keyword relevancy such as the density of keywords used in the page and the accurate usage of keywords at the targeted places. Beyond effective usage of keywords, there are some other factors can also affect your web page rankings which are not commonly taken into consideration but it does need attention to go further and achieving first page results. Website speed is one of them!

Anyhow speed of the website doesn’t affect the rankings, which has clearly declared by Google itself. According to Google, website speed has less than 1% chance to affect the rankings, which means you are no need to give importance for website speed regarding improving rankings. But in which aspect speed of a website matters?

It’s simply because you have a website that is meant for your users and not for search engines. If your target is your users and making them spent longer time on your page or if your intention is to provide better user experience and to gain regular visitors for your page, then the speed of your website matters a lot.

So, what can be done to improve website speed?

After optimizing your website, the important thing you should concentrate on is improving your website speed. So, to get fastest page loading results, follow the below steps.

Measure loading time

Start with analyzing your current loading speed. There are plenty of tools available to measure load times. Tools such as Google analytics site speed, Pingdom page load time and webpage test are the ideal options which are being used by expert digital marketers. These tools provide general performance about your website and primarily focus on the page speed.

WebPageTest is an advanced tool which can provide information such as, in which browser and spot the speed is getting lowered, the user time, time to fully loaded, image and java and html files, etc. If you have a really big site, you need to give some time for colleting detailed data about your site.

Move to faster server

Once you find that your website has a very lower loading speed, you should consider having a faster server. It may be the server you are hosting it on, which results lower page loading results. Two main reasons are involved in slowing the loading page,

  • Type of your hosting account

  • Lack of capacity to be provided by server

If you are having a shared hosting account and running a website which carries a larger amount of data, you may confront this speed issue. The solution you can get is, upgrade your account. Shift your shared account to VPS (Virtual Private Server) or to a dedicated server. It could cost little higher amount compared with shared account, but if your purpose is to make money you should no longer stay with speed issues. On the other hand, you may face the issues even after upgraded your account to VPS. In this case the problem is not your account; it is your web hosting provider. So it is recommended to change your web hosting provider as soon as possible.

Optimize your site

So you have passed the above two but still facing speed issues? It might have happened due to the poor optimization of code and images placed in your website. You will not be able to receive the proper loading speed until you fix them out. There are tons of tricks out there on how to optimize codes like java, html, php and other web languages. You can take from website and ask aid from expert web developers. Larger file size of the image can affect the page loading speed. So try to compress the file size of the images, which could take some time but worth the effort!

As a website builder any other ideas have you tried out and found visible differences in loading speed? If you have, do share with us through the comment section below!

Author Bio: Shunmuga Sundari

Friday, December 29, 2017

Tips to Optimize your Homepage

The homepage is the doorway to your entire website. A customer looks your homepage primarily and then they decide whether to buy or not the specific website. As the quote said, “First impression is the best impression”, you need to show your website as impressive as you can by making your initial spot “Homepage” attractive and enticing.

Many SEO strategies ask you to enter homepage URL rather than other inner pages. So that you need to put extra efforts to show your homepage look unique and special than any other pages. For your relevant, we have gathered some tips to optimize a homepage, continue reading.


The headline of the home page plays a vital role in attracting your target audience. The headline you are choosing should consist of 6 to 12 words maximum. The headline is the first thing that your customer looks at first, so it should be as catchy as possible. The headline should give the answer for “what purpose the website is built for?”

Before finalizing your headline, let your mind flow with all the possible ideas. Once you deliver all your ideas, try to combine them into a simple and unique headline. The headline should be simple and understandable.

List Your Unique Offers

Even though you will have a separate page for offers and deals, it could be better if you have a few attractive and special day offers on the homepage. This will attract your audience and make them visit offers page certainly. This is the best way to optimize your homepage.

Call to Action

The aim of your website is to make your customer to buy the product. Call to action field is amazing help you for that. A call for action is a field that place on the home page, which calls your customer to navigate to the purchasing spot.

A call to action is an element and a clickable button, which is used to inform the customer to buy the product. All you need to do with it is proper discrimination of colors and size. You can differentiate the button color by making it dark and bigger in size.


Images are widely used for better understanding of information. More than using text, showing through images can easily deliver the message. Moreover, using the image on the homepage really increase the standard of your website and helps you show information in an attractive manner. You find the same even some better advantage from using videos as it doesn’t require any effort to inhale the information. Take some time to make a decision on what image could be suitable for your home page.

Success Rate

Customers look for a company which is reliable and reputed one. How do they determine the reliability and reputation of the company? Probably they ask about your existing customers who have already done a project with you. By looking at your home page, your customer should know about your successful project. If it is a business website you can use product reviews from the customers.

Optimizing your homepage will surely accomplish your expectations over the success rate. By following the above-mentioned points, you can achieve the best results.

Author Bio: Shunmuga Sundari is a freelance writer who offers SEO and Technical content for various niche blogs. She is a journalist by education and a writer by profession. 

5 WordPress PLUGINS You Shouldn't Ignore in SEO

So what’s your next plan after having finished your website? 

Like everybody, you want to have a website and pages that match with the picture, which saved in your mind. For that, you need to hire CMS specialists or any agency that provides CMS services. But, do you really need that? If you are aware of a few WordPress plug-ins, probably you no need to approach them. You just need to learn some of the WordPress plug-ins that are essential for SEO. With the help of plug-ins, you can add the right color, text, graphics, images, layouts, and menus. Using a set of plug-ins can produce best SEO results as well.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the most popular WordPress plug-ins among the users. This one is the best source found for receiving best SEO results. The best part of having this plug-in is, it doesn’t need any coding to improve the optimization. With the help of this plug-in, you can add,

•    SEO titles
•    Meta descriptions
•    Focus keywords
•    Archives
•    Category
•    Tags

It is also featured with open graph Metadata, sitemaps, and ping search engines.

Google XML Sitemaps

What if the page you’ve added so much of efforts but doesn’t give you an expected result? Disastrous! But with this Google XML sitemaps, you can find what are the results come back for the efforts you sow.

Anyone who makes a lot of efforts on a web page and still doesn’t find indexing from search engines can install this plug-in. The work of this plug-in is to generate the web page as soon as any new content adds to it. In simple, this plug-in helps to keep your website up-to-date through the search engines.

Rel NoFollow Checkbox  

Links are the major elements in improving SEO. Search engines could find your web page friendly when the page has good links. While some of the good links are useful for SEO, some links degrade your prestigious site by worst link juice. 

To prevent your site from them, you can add Rel NoFollow Checkbox. You can enter any external links that you choose to “no follow”.

Google Analytics by MonsterInsights

You can’t improve your website unless or until you find the performance of your website. Installing a plug-in called “Google Analytics by MonsterInsights” will allow you have a review and monitor how your website is doing. When you have installed this plug-in, you can get reports on a number of inbounds and outbound, link tracking, user demographics and more.

W3 Total Cache

You may wonder why your website doesn’t attract your audience to buy. You may have everything to attract your audience to visit your site, but why don’t they consider buying it?

A well organized and optimized website may fall prey for low credibility due to its slow loading speed. Having too many images, videos, graphics, and content may lower the speed of loading. So how can you fix it?

You can choose to install a W3 total cache plugin, which helps you find the current loading speed of your website. If it finds lower loading speed, it will also give you suggestions on how to make it faster.

Have you installed above-mentioned plug-ins? If yes, you are ready to launch your website.

Author Bio: Shunmuga Sundari

Important Image Optimization Tips You Should Know

Unlike any other forms of information, images make a huge impact on SEO ranking. Images deliver the message 5 times faster than any other elements. Simply, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Imagine a webpage containing a block of content with zero images, terrible right? Your audience will lose interest staying on your page if it doesn’t contain any interesting elements such as images, videos, and graphics. The more usage of images receives more traffic and leads undoubtedly. With images, you can deliver your message visibly without making any difficult to your audience in understanding the content.

The biggest advantage of using images is your web page will be more search engine friendly. Yes, search engines are attracted by the images than a set of text content. So you need to understand the effective use of images and the ways to promote them as a favor to the popular search engines.

Relevant Spots for Image Usage

You can draw thousands of eyes and clicks only if you find the appropriate spots where the people gather often. For instance, the spot you use should be attractive and more likely visible to your target audience such as,

•    Web page listings
•    Paid ads
•    Navigational links
•    Shopping listings
•    Maps listings to local ATV shops
•    Other media formats

Use images in the above-mentioned spots so that it can collect huge eyeballs turn over your page. When using images add some creative efforts then check whether it has a creative design, flow of content, simplicity and well structured.

So how do you give best ranking?   The highly credible sites have a great ranking advantage. To make a website credible and well-liked, you need to understand certain factors. Search engines are attracted by the images so check if your images have following factors,

Keyword Usage

The usage of keywords can help your website easily identified by the crawlers. Using keywords in file names, alt text, URL of the image and content near the image, makes a huge impact on the ranking website on the first page of the browsers.

Additionally, the following factors also create a great difference in ranking, which includes,

•    Strength of pages containing images
•    Embeds
•    Shares and tweets
•    Color and image size
•    Category and tags

When the image is identified by the search engines, it automatically pushes your site to the first page of crawlers. The above factors will help for that and gradually achieve expected reach among your target audience.

Types of Images

Before submitting your image, analyze which type of image would be suitable for your content. Regardless of countless images, here is specified some of them,

•    Products
•    Infographics
•    Screenshots
•    Events
•    Resources
•    Statistics

You can select one of the above types based on the theme of your website you are promoting. 

Thinking of promoting images? Don’t forget to fix the above things on your image before promoting it.

Author Bio: Shunmuga Sundari 

6 Tips to Expand Your Social Profiles' Reach

In this modern era, everyone wants faster results and biggest profits! Surprisingly, this attentiveness is increased over the internet as well.

So what kind of strategies have you done for your website to get better ranking? You can’t just decline how useful the social media are, especially when you really want to boost your website to get a noticeable number of leads and effective traffic results. The importance and usage of social media are getting higher day by day. A well optimized social media profile certainly gives you expected results and sometimes leave you astonished by receiving greater leads and traffics. Once you find effective social media platforms, you need to optimize them with various methods to keep your website up-to-date. Using the common and most effective SMO methods would produce a great difference from past to present.

So here we are going to look out 6 effective tips to improve social media optimization.

Integrate social profiles with website

When you combine social profiles with your websites, you will receive vast audience from one to another. Authority is an important consideration; if the website you integrated with your profile is not reliable you can’t able to access it in future.

You can also execute this idea by including social media sharing buttons to individual blog posts. So when the people visit your website they may likely to click those buttons that can be helpful for best page results.

100% Factual Information

The information you have provided to your social profiles should be 100% factual and reliable. It should match with the website you have already linked with your social profiles. Make sure you have filled out all the fields, as search engines favor for those who have given complete profile information. Contact information in the social profiles should be same as mentioned in your website, so check for them one more time.

Smart Use of Keywords

Keywords play a vital role in maximizing exposure of your social media profiles. Intelligent use of keywords is a required skill in Social Media Optimization.

You should understand where and how to use keywords. When you deal with social media profiles, you can add keywords as the title of the page or you can include them in the description and every blog post links in the form of tags. The effective use of keywords will tell search engines to crawl your page when the particular keyword is called.

Keywords in Blog Posts

Anyhow, you use social profiles for sharing the blogs that are already posted on your website, so make sure you have used keywords in every blog posts. While sharing on your social profiles, use keywords in ad campaigns, comments, and even with reviews on other pages. So using various phrases can help to keep your target audience wander around your profile.

Using Branded Images

Images are the easiest way to advertise your website. People tend to have a look at images rather than reading a blank text of content. When you optimize social media platform you should be keen on using images for every post. Using a branded cover images and profile images get a good impression on the audience, this will make them regular visitors.

Stay in Control

Always use your company’s authorized email address for all your social profiles instead of your own personal email address. You can’t make any change or keep them control if it is no longer to be in use.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and get your social profiles up-to-date by using modern optimization methods mentioned above. 

Author Bio: Shunmuga Sundari