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A Complete tutorial about SEO to rank on first page in 2016

Do you want your post to be understood easily by search engines?

Do you want to make it easier to understand which keyword your website or blog should rank for , by the search engines?


Then you are in the right place. Here we are going to know about the secret of making your website and blog posts keyword targeted and how to bring your website in top first place in the search engine Using Effective SEO Techniques in a simple and detailed way.

On page and off page optimization are the two main factors that are very important to optimize a website or blog. First let’s see about on page Optimization. 

First you have to know that one page seo optimization is different from on site optimization. In on page we optimize the content for our targeted keywords. Using of proper keywords, headings, quality of the content and many more factors are included in it. Let’s have a detailed look of each factor one by one.

Importance and why you need On Page Optimization

When you publish a post and if it has not reached the first page in the search engine, do you ever analyzed the reasons or mistake you have done? Search engines are a set of algorithms which looks into the various factors to rank your page for the targeted and related keywords.

Top On Page SEO Factors

Now let’s see some of the important On Page SEO factors for blogs and websites which will help you in ranking first in search engines.

  • Post Title

The first and important on page factor which really have a major role is the blog post title. The title describes whether our posts will be doing well on search engines or not. Towards the beginning of title tag we should have a targeted keyword. Do not repeat the sake keywords, so that you can get better rankings on search engines. Title characters are very important it should be about 65 characters including spaces.

  • Post Permalink Structure

Search engine optimized URL Structure is very important. Have the targeted keyword towards the beginning of the post URL. Don’t use special characters, brackets, symbols, commas etc in your URL Structure. Use alphabets and numeric from 0 – 9 in your URL structure, and to differentiate two strings in URL structure you have use dashes. Make sure you follow a pretty permalink instead of some random strings in your permalink URL Structure.

  • Heading Tags

Use H1 tag for the post title, and h2, h3, h4 etc to highlight various subheadings and important points. Repeating h2 or h3 tags too many times will be taken as negative seo practice.

  • Keyword Density

1.5 % with mix of LSI keywords should be the keyword density. Use you keyword in the first paragraph and then in the last paragraph apart from regular use in the post content. You should have bold, italics and underlines to highlight important phrases and keywords in your post.

  • Meta Tags

Solely and relevant Meta keywords and descriptions with each of your post is very important. Use target keywords in the Meta descriptions and Meta keywords. The Meta description tag will be the summary for your post. The length of the Meta description must be 160 characters including spaces. Write user friendly Meta description tags for good click through rate in search engines. Google don’t prefer Meta keywords now.

  • Image Optimization

Image Optimization helps in driving huge traffic from image search. To make your post more focuses and targeted, keywords in alt text and image and image title helps a lot. Add one or more images to your posts. Use targeted keywords as a part of image name, image alt text etc. Use of images makes your post attractive and interesting. Add only small size images, if you add large images it will slow down your page speed and therefore will lower down your page rankings because now a day’s website load time is considered as one of the ranking factor on Google organic search.

  • Word Count per Post

A post which carries minimum 700 words will look and rank higher in search engines. Write long, well researched blog posts while targeting high competitive keywords in your niche. Writing natural and related topic that covers everything in your topic would be the additional benefit.

  • Content Interlinking

Link your blog to other related blog to send additional page rank and traffic to them. This will lead the readers to stay more time on your blog. Do not over do it. Use keyword rich anchor texts while your interlink to your own posts which will help in posts to perform better on Google and other search engines for their targeted anchor texts. But don’t confuse search engines with two similar post for the same keyword.

  • External Websites Linking

It would be the great idea to link out to external websites, but have to be careful in linking only to the trusted websites. Use no follow tag to avoid passing page rank and search engine rankings to bad neighbors and to know about the authority or popularity of a website. Do follow link for trusted websites. If not you can try to link with wiki article which is considered as one of the most authoritative source of info. Linking to useful resources will make your content more informative and increases the credit ability.

  • Write Unique Content

Write engaging contents so that search engines love new and unique contents and will rank high in search engines. You can do this by asking some questions or you can ask their opinions on topics relating to your posts. 

On Page SEO Checklist

Here I have mentioned few On Page SEO Checklists to follow in 2016 to rank your posts top in search engines

Keywords Usage

v  In Title
v  In permalink
v  In First Paragraph
v  In image alt tag
v  Tweaked keywords in H2 or H3
v  Bold, Italic and underline Important keywords and phrases
v  External links to relevant and trusted sites
v  Internal links to related articles
v  Remove stop words from permalinks
v  Add Multimedia’s like info graphic, slides, video etc
v  Longer content length
v  Compress and re size image before uploading
v  Website loading speed
v  Use LSI Keywords

Other Things To follow
  • Meta title – less than 65 characters including spaces
  • Meta description – less than 150 characters
  • Use Social SEO plug-in, add image for twitter, face book
  • Have social sharing buttons at the end of every posts
  • Have related posts after blog posts to decrease bounce rate

Things that you should not do
  • Only one h1 tag
  • No repetition of h2 and h3 tag
  • Keyword density should not be more than 1.25%

Things to note before Starting
  • Keywords in the beginning of the post title
  • Use long tail keywords
  • Remove dates from the posts if you are writing in the evergreen niche.
  • Longer content length, better ranking
  • Ask users to take action at the end of the post

Off Page SEO Techniques

We have seen how to do on page seo techniques, addition to this performing off page optimization is also very important. Here I have listed few off page optimization techniques that will drive you traffic and back links, leading to increase in sales. 

  1. Creating communities in Social Media Sites
  2. Find relevant niche blogs for link building
  3. Focus on Blog Commenting
  4. Forum Postings
  5. Blog Directory Submissions
  6. Social Bookmarking
  7. Search Engine Submissions
  8. RSS feed Directory Submissions
  9. Article Directory Submissions
  10. Link Exchange
  11. Guest Posting
  12. Link baiting
  13. Answering Questions
  14. Guest Postings
  15. Video Submissions
  16. Photo Sharing
  17. Local Directory Submissions
  18. Press Release Submissions
  19. Classifieds Submissions
  20. Document Sharing
  21. Info graphic Submissions

Performing off page optimization using above method, you will get high ranking and leads for your site, but you have to do it very carefully, if u do it in a wrong way this may be considered as negative SEO practice and will lead to penalization of sites.

if you are interested to go with seo firms, then that also would be the right way because, they follows the myths in a right way. You can find the best seo company in chennai and try out them. 

So what kind of techniques you follow for on page and off page techniques in 2016? Please mention some of the topics if I missed in both on page and off page for 2016 in this blog

Let’s meet in the comment section below. 


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