Friday, February 19, 2016

Using Effective SEO to rank higher in 2016

The Era of living is being changed and will change as the technology is getting improved. A few decades ago there was a time people asked for what the internet is , but now even a school going child knows what the internet is and they know how to use it. Without Search Engines, internet would be nothing..Here comes Effective SEO which plays a major role. Many of the people who do SEO regularly are not able to rank their keywords in search engines, there are few reasons why it lags.

1. Pogo Sticking:

Recently Rand Fishkin (co-founder of Moz) introduced the term Pogo Sticking , which means , when a person searches a query and click the back button and they move to a different site and stay there. This signals to search engines means you didn't provide an effective answer, or you have provided a bad experience which downs the search rankings. So do not let you be the victim of this Pogo Sticking. Always remember to create a quality content in a well designed site. Pop ups or some other survey question which flashes when they use your page will be the main reason for them to bounce and this negatively affect your rankings.

2. Backlinks from Spammy Sites :

You should be very careful in watching the backlinks from what sites you are getting. You can use Google Webmaster Tool(Search Console) to know the sites which links to your website. If you find any backlinks from some spammy sites then you can use Disavov tool to eliminate them and filling a reconsideration request.

Now lets see how can we use SEO effectively to obtain results in Search Engines.

SEO ======>  Creating Website ----->  Google Quality Guidelines ------> Better Backlinks

1. Keyword Analysis :

Now a days ranking algorithms are more complex, use effective keywords, keyword matching is now intent matching. Choose a right keyword and perform SEO to it. Be sure to use keywords in Title, Meta tags and Meta Descriptions. You should be also careful in using the right characters. Less than 65 characters in Title and Meta tag would be considered as a right choice and you should not exceed 160 characters for Meta Description.

2. Proper Heading Tags :

Using Proper heading tags for your website will help in ranking. Its preferable to use <h1> tag for the main Title and you have to use <h2> to <h6> for further subheadings. Use it in a right manner. Do not use <h1> tag more than once. Do not use heading tags as hidden text.

3. Content :

The king of SEO is the Content. Without an effective content you wont be able to rank your website. Always be sure to have a Unique, Relevant, Helpful and a User Friendly Content. Your content should be in a manner that attracts the user to stay in your website.

4. White Hat Techniques :

Doing off page technique will help you to get good traffic and backlinks to your website. We all know there are two types of techniques namely Black Hat & White Hat. Following Googles guideline effectively will have a great effect in your website ranking. Its better to go with White Hat Techniques rather than to perform black hat technique. Do regular Social Bookmarking Submissions, Directory Submissions, Classified Submissions, Guest Posting, Blogging, participating in forums and answers, creating Social Profiles, Effective Link Building, Article Submissions etc..

5. Social Media Optimization :

Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google Plus,Instagram are the very popular and effective method to make your website popular. Doing Effective SEO along with SMO will have a great impact on your website.

Do check your improvements using various tools available from Google and keep up-to-date about the present algorithms search engines use.. 

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