Saturday, December 17, 2016

Ten Important SEO Tips You Need to Know to Boost your Rankings

As a Digital Marketer you would know the vast changes that SEO has experienced in a decade. But certain steps that are being implemented in SEO remains stable .
Whenever there is a Google Algorithm Update, the way of doing SEO also gets changed. Some technique that are helpful to gain back links today may be zero tomorrow or in future, if some google algorithm update occurs.
Nothing can be predicted in SEO. But following certain steps effectively will help you to increase your organic traffic and improve your ranking in SERP’s.

Ten Important Steps you need to Follow in SEO

Proceed below to know the top ten tips that you should follow in SEO for reliable and penalty free rankings.

Tip 1: Page Load Speed

People search for some queries and your website get listed on the search engines.
Happy? But…
What if your website is taking too much of time to load?
Visitor will skip your website and go to another source. You may think this is not a big issue, but do you know that one second delay in page speed can cause 10% of loss in your conversion rate?
So now you would have known the importance of page load speed. Google had included the page load speed time also as one of the ranking factors in search engines.

Tip 2: Linking to other Websites

There is a negative feedback in the digital marketing field that linking to other blogs can affect your website’s growth, But this is wrong. If you link out to other sites which has relevant content, your site will have high value in search engines.

Tip 3: Make your content clear for Humans first

Many of the digital marketers have a wrong tactic that it's good enough to write an article just for the search engines to understand.
What if you are writing an article for your website, sharing it but that is not in the way to understand or not readable by the humans?
Your content should be simple, clear, precise, attractive and in an engaging way for the people to understand. The new focus on ROI and not the rankings. So adapt to simple and unique writing.
Tip 4: Focus on Inbound Links
Searching for blogs, commenting on both dofollow and nofollow blogs naturally will make your profile cool and effective. You can allow other authoritative sites to link on your website, this won't affect your rankings or ROI.
Tip 5: Implementing Software for your SEO
Once you are clear about your SEO goals, you should concentrate on various software to track your SEO.
Google Analytics, Search Console are the most common tools that are used to track your improvement on search engines. There are many different types of free and paid web analytics tools for the success.

Tip 6: Unique Meta tags for your site

The main thing a visitor sees in your website is the meta title and description of your website. Make it clear and relevant to your website so that visitors comes and there are chances of converting them into leads.

Tip 7: Focus Page URL

If your website is about Search engine updates , you must clearly have the keyword in your Permalink URL ,that could be understood by humans .This will make your site more leverage and powerful.
Tip 8: Social Signals
Social Signals are very important to promote your website. People know easily about your website if you share your posts in various social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram etc.
Tip 9: Right Keywords in your Images
SEO is nothing if you don't have images in your website. Google has a section for Images in their page. Do you know why? This is a effective seo tool for your website to know. If you are giving right keywords for your image, your site would get valuable traffic .
Tip 10: Unique & Fresh Content
The main drawback of a digital marketer is not creating a unique content for their website. A fresh and unique content is the mandatory one for your website to go places in search engines.
Focus on unique, fresh, relevant content for an effective and stable rankings in the SERP’s , also it helps your ranking to last longer.
Final Words…
The important process in SEO is to choose the right keywords for your website to rank in SERP’s. Always prefer long tail keywords rather choosing short-term keywords.
For Eg if you need a keyword for social media effective updates, you can take the same as your keyword instead of choosing Social media as a keyword. Long tail keywords only can help you to reach the target easily and effectively.
I assure that if you are following the above steps genuinely and regularly you definitely will see your keywords improving in search engines and you will acquire more leads.
What SEO technique you are following to improve your ranking on the SERP’s?

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